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Crew & Co

'Walking Through Grief' Cards

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The “Walking Through Grief” set contains 20 cards with Scripture on the front of each one AND an encouragement from someone who has also walked through grief. Their words point to Christ and we hope you will read them and the verse on the front and feel renewed in your own experience with grief. It is so cool to think about reading encouragement from someone across the country or across the world that is directly for you! Not only have the cards been prayed over, but so has every person who will have the cards in their hands.

6 x 3.5 inches, 150# paper

To purchase directly from Crew + Co, the cards and shipping come to $68 AUD (using the dollar exchange rate as of the 2 Feb 2024). Through More Than Wildflowers, you are able to save money and get it faster! 

We ship express orders every weekday and standard on Monday Wednesdays and Fridays. Orders received before 7pm will go in the next applicable shipment.