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The Greatest Hero: The Book of Romans

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Ages: 6-12

If you long to help your child understand the gospel, The Greatest Hero is an excellent resource to add to your child's theological library! Joanna takes what would be a complicated book of the Bible to teach children and makes it accessible, applicable, and exciting. Children (and adults!) will better understand the book of Romans through The Greatest Hero, and, in turn, love Christ more!

-Gretchen Saffles, Founder of Well-Watered Women, bestselling author of The Well-Watered Woman


Joanna Kimbrell understands kids. She understands Paul. And she understands his wonderful gospel. In The Greatest Hero, she'll greet your elementary-age kids with page after page of gloriously good news. Good news for the worst of us, for the nastiest, wickedest, and most vile. It's the good news that when we were God's enemies and could not save ourselves, he sent a great Hero to rescue and redeem us. Pick up this book and introduce your kids to the Hero, Jesus!

-Jared Kennedy, editor at The Gospel Coalition and author of The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible and Keeping Your Children's Ministry on Mission


Joanna Kimbrel’s retelling of the book of Romans is done with the precision of a theologian and the understanding of a beloved school teacher. The Greatest Herofaithfully introduces children to the problem of sin and the hope of the gospel with a beautiful combination of truth and grace. This book is an excellent and needed explanation of the deep truths of Paul’s letter to the Romans—it’s insightful for both parents and children alike!

-Melissa Kruger, author and Director of Women’s Initiatives for The Gospel Coalition


Joanna Kimbrel makes Romans, a book that can be challenging for adults, not only accessible, but fun and exciting for children of all ages! She shows how the greatest hero of all time, Jesus, was sent to save not just the good guys, but the villains—of whom you and I are the chief. You will be amazed again at how good the gospel really is and how great a salvation has been won for us.

-Courtney Doctor, Coordinator of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition and author of several Bible studies, including From Garden to Glory: A Bible Study on the Bible’s Story and In View of God’s Mercies: The Gift of the Gospel in Romans

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