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Shadows of the King: The Story of 1 & 2 Samuel

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Written by: Elizabeth Santelmann

Illustrated by: Garyfallia Leftheri

Ages: 6-12

Length: 150 pages

Gentle, instructive, and engaging, Shadows of the King reminds children (and adults!) how all our hero stories help us long for King Jesus, who will make all things right. I wish I had this book when my own children were younger!

-Ashley Hales, author of A Spacious Lifeand Finding Holy in the Suburbs

 Shadows of the King brings the stories of 1&2 Samuel to life, both in the original horizon of the text and their fulfillment in Christ! I heartily recommend this book to parents who want to help their children see Old Testament narratives in light of God’s big story in the Bible.

-Walter Shaw, blogger at WTSreads (@wtsreads)

 Solid biblical teachings through stunning illustrations and powerful storytelling. This book is timely and shelf worthy for every family! A must-read for children of all ages.

-Cassandra Speer, bestselling author, Bible teacher, and Vice President of Her True Worth


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