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Val Marie Paper

Pregnancy Prayer Journal

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Val Marie Paper

“I remember thinking, once we got pregnant, I wouldn't worry, then it was once I made it out of the first trimester, I would have peace. Then it was after the anatomy scan. Then it was labor and delivery. And then I realized I could literally worry every day of my little one's life.

The choice was mine and it's yours too. Will pregnancy be a time of worry and stress and discomfort or a time of faith-building, peace and joy? The latter of which I never thought I’d experience, but did! Praise hands!” - Val Marie

The pregnancy prayer journal is divided up into trimesters and then months with space to pray for your worries, baby’s development, future, your symptoms, and dad. There is space for answered prayers and a Scripture verse and even goals.

There is also a second section to include prayers for labor and delivery and the first six weeks. AND the labor verses to commit to heart.

If you are already using the Val Marie Paper women’s prayer journal, no need to stop using when you start this. This journal is specifically just for pregnancy so we’d actually encourage you to use both together. We don’t want those pregnancy months to just be focused inward so the women’s prayer journal, more geared toward all those people in our life, helps with that.

If you are in the process of trying to get pregnant, feel free to purchase before. VM has actually included a page for the first month, when you might get an inkling you are pregnant before you know for sure. And your secret is safe with VMP!

Size: 5X7

Details: 60 pages

Colour: Matcha


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