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'Neutral' Bible Tabs

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These new Bible Tabs include all the standard books of the Bible--Old Testament and New Testament (66 tabs). See below for more details and some helpful tips!

  • 8 x 11.5 inch pages
  • Matte laminate sticker tabs
  • 66 books of the Bible
  • 6 additional blank tabs
  • Double sided
  • Permanent
  • Color coded tabs based on Biblical genres
  • Genre key on the 4th page
  • Placement Guide to aid in choosing how you'll install your tabs
  • FREE 5x7 Books of the Bible print


  • Most importantly, take your time! The stickers are permanent so be sure you place it right where you'd like it to be.
  • The Placement Guide is only a suggestion for placing your tabs. Choose from any of the three options or come up with your own unique placement!
  • When placing the tab, be sure you only have one page you're sticking it to
  • Did I mention take your time?! Speaking from experience, if you're even just a little distracted (maybe from an audio book or podcast), you'll put the tab on the wrong page and it cannot be moved.
  • Take a look at each tab. Notice anything with the design? The front and back of each tab is NOT a mirror image, but rather one continuous abstract design. Take care to notice this when you're installing the tabs. You can choose to install them all the same direction, or you can choose to flip some of them and it will look different than others in the same genre. 

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