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Kids Read Truth

Kids Read Esther: Daily Scripture and Activity Book

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Invite your children to join in studying the book of Esther with this two-part read-and-play Scripture book. While Esther's story contains some big, grownup themes, we believe the message it conveys is good news for all ages. We hope you will find this kid-appropriate play to be a faithful retelling of this dramatic story of God's rescue plan.

Recommended for kids ages 3-10, we've taken the 10 chapters of this book of the Bible to create a play with scripts and stage notes. Once your characters are in their costumes from the included companion book, unfold the scenery and stand the book up as the backdrop for your play. Act out the whole play at once, or take your time playing the story of God's work in the life of Queen Esther. 

This book includes the full text of the book of Esther to encourage deeper reading and quick referencing.

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