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Hosanna Revival

'Yet: The Promise in Habakkuk' Devotional

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We are overjoyed to bring Yet: The Promise in Habakkuk for Those in Transition to our community. Written by Erica Boden, this six-week study and devotional journeys with readers through a season of change, learning how our consistent Father is present and steady. Whether it is graduating from high school, getting a new job, preparing for marriage, losing a friend, or moving cities, Yet will remind you of God’s unwavering heart and character, as you share and process your honest feelings with him.

Each day will walk through part of Habakkuk with supplemental Scripture, include guided questions, and allow you to reflect while sharing gratitude. Yet allows you to experience your daily life with Jesus, while giving you a safe space to celebrate, mourn, cheer, and grieve. Our prayer for you is that you will find that God’s heart and love for you is consistent in every season, and that very information will fuel you daily and free you forever.

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Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 214
Size: 6.25 in x 7.25 in x .875 in
Published: July 2021

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