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Hosanna Revival

ESV Journalling Bible: Eden Theme

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Hosanna Revival: The beauty of all of the earth bloomed, climbed and grew in the Garden of Eden. Creation walked hand-in-hand with the Father, experiencing the full glory of heaven on earth. This Bible was inspired by the rich jewel tones in flowers that surely covered the Garden. The thought completed by the color of wine, flowing bountifully at the world's first ever wedding. The color of a fruit forbidden, tempting and mysterious. The color of blood—shed when God Himself made the first sacrifice on behalf of humanity when Adam and Eve were ashamed of their nakedness. This color represents the full story of the Garden of Eden.

When we think of Eden, we think of what this world was meant to be: living unashamed—running free of chains, worshiping fully, not knowing we were naked. The Bible verse chosen for the back was an easy choice: the identity-proving words from Psalm 139: “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Whether you are drawn to the color of this Bible, the hand drawn flower on its cover, or the words chosen for the back, our prayer is that you would experience the full life God intended for us from the very beginning through time spent with Him in His Word.


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