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'Sound The Alarm' Scripture Cards

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Set of 20 Scripture Cards in collaboration with Kaleidoscope Kids Bibles.

Have you ever noticed when it comes to kids' Bibles, we have the beautiful, illustration-focused Bibles like our fav, The Jesus Storybook Bible, and after that, there's a jump to the kids' Bibles with a thousand pages chock-full of words upon words upon words? It's such a leap going from one extreme to the other! Neither of those types of Bibles are negative; we actually have them both in our home! But we began to realize that it can be difficult for our elementary age kids to start to grasp a deeper meaning of the Bible and truly understand and love His Word when those are the two options. Seems like there should be an in-between, right?

Well, lucky for us, that's where Kaleidoscope comes in! The founder of Kaleidoscope serves as a Children's Pastor and saw the gap I just mentioned and now the Lord is using him, his team, and ministry to fill that gap!

Kaleidoscope is writing every book of the Bible at an elementary level! We partnered with them to create two brand new sets of Scripture cards to pair with two of those Bibles!

  • 4x4 cards

  • 20 cards plus cover card

  • front/back full color design

  • verse reference on back of card

  • soft touch finish

  • 120# card stock

  • puzzle style card set makes big picture of book cover art when laid out

Purchase cards separately or purchase with coordinating Kids Bible, "Sound The Alarm: The Story of Joel, Amos + Jonah". BUY 2 OR MORE Kaleidoscope Bibles and get 12% off the total! Pick any three Kaleidoscope products and use the code: 2ORMOREKALEIDOSCOPE at checkout!

Cover art on book and coordinating art on cards created by Becca Godfrey.


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