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Bright Star: The Story of Esther

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Ages: 6-12

Holly Mackle’s retelling of Esther begins with the looming intrigue of an epic movie trailer and unfurls into one thrilling chapter after another. Truly, every description and teaching moment captivates. Undoubtedly, Bright Star will grab your kid’s attention with a delightful determination that says, “Look at what God can do!” (Seriously: I nearly applauded at the end.)

-Caroline Saunders, author of Good News: How to Know the Gospel and Live It and Better Than Life: How to Study the Bible and Like It from LifeWay Girls and Kaleidoscope's Sound the Alarm


I’ve read Esther dozens of times. But never like this. After each chapter, I found myself wanting to know, “What happens next?” In Bright Star, Holly Mackle has created something beautiful, playful, and compelling. And like the hero of this story, the writing absolutely shines.

–Chris Pappalardo, Writer and Co-founder of Advent Blocks


Holly Mackle skillfully retells this powerful story of God’s saving grace in a way that children will understand and love! With a Christ-centered focus on every page, young readers will learn to see Jesus in the Old Testament through this creative retelling of Esther.

–Amy Gannett, author of Fix Your Eyes: How our Study of God Shapes Our Worship of Him and founder of Tiny Theologians


I was on the edge of my seat during this adventurous telling of God’s plan to protect His people through Esther. The characters came to life. Big ideas, history, the culture and the God who never changes are explained well for a young reader.

-Katie Flores, PCA Children’s Ministry Coordinator


Through vivid storytelling and clear teaching, Holly Mackle draws young readers deep into the story of Esther. There’s adventure! Danger! (But not romance, ick!) And an unforgettable ending that points to an even greater Story—one that welcomes all of us to be part of it, forever. Kids and their parents will love Bright Star: The Story of Esther!

-Amanda Cleary Eastep, author of the Tree Street Kids middle grade series

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